rzepy FASTFIX plastic hooks

velcro FastFix - Low-profile hooks

Low-profile hooks

FX-N-TN - ultra-thin – features higher density and lower height micro hooks, as well as a thinner base tape. Ideal where an ultra-thin connection is required.

FX-N-TK - low-profile – characterised by lower density and higher height micro hooks, as well as a thicker base tape. Ideal where a thin connection is required, it can be sewn on.

Material: 100% nylon
Width: from 10 to 300mm
Colours: white, black and transparent
Packaging: rolls 50m

Other widths and colours available on request

velcro FastFix - High-profile hooks

High-profile hooks

High-profile plastic hook characterised by high bonding and breaking strength. Compatible with the haberdashery loop.

FASTFIX HRD-A for sewing
Materiał: 100% Nylon
Packaging: 50m
Colours: black
Width: 25, 107mm

FASTFIX HRD-A ahesive ADH (resin-rubber)
Material: 100% Nylon
Packaging: 25m
Colours: black
Width: 25mm

Other widths and colours available on request

Fastfix Velcro - Mosquito

Mosquito Fasteners

Self-adhesive hook for fastening mosquito nets to window or door frames.
The use of special hooks ensures permanent retention of the material and effective protection against insects.


Material: Polipropylen

Glue: ADH (resin-rubber)

Packaging: 5,6m

Colours: transparent

Thickness: 2,5mm

Width: 7,5mm

Electromagnetic fasteners


MHF-21 - Fasteners for electromagnetic application.
Professionally designed for embedding hooks in foam.
They has been adapted for automatic transport during production by means of electromagnets.

The PVC cover with iron filings allows transport and protects the hooks during foam injection.

The hooks are compatible with FastFix® standard and Auto Fast Loop.

Colours: black
Width: 12,5mm
Packaging: rolls 25m