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HANNAH Hanna Bienkowska :: manufacturer of hand-made bows, roses and rosettes, offers the services in hot and cold cutting of ribbons, cords and fasteners. Importer of haberdashery, exclusive importer for Poland of FASTFIX velcro products, Rigilene polyester boning, Panda Ribbons and all different kind of ribbons, trimmings and biases

Adhesive tapes

Adhesive tapes

Bond two surfaces...

Self-adhesive, two- sided tape is ideal for binding two surfaces and in the suspension of objects. They are available in foam carrier, nonwoven fabrics, and modified acrylic-based polyester.

Due to the large variety, this product can combine the following materials: metal, glass, wood, paper, foils, plastics, and thus serves as an alternative to mechanical connections (bolts, rivets, welding, gluing, etc.).
At the same time they are unrivalled when fixing a certain group of materials (paper, cardboard, moldings, mirrors, carpets, advertising materials, etc.).

A well selected tape allows for an optimal production process, reduces costs and improves the quality and aesthetics of the final product.