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HANNAH Hanna Bienkowska :: manufacturer of hand-made bows, roses and rosettes, offers the services in hot and cold cutting of ribbons, cords and fasteners. Importer of haberdashery, authorized importer for Poland of VELCRO® products, Rigilene polyester boning, Panda Ribbons and all different kind of ribbons, trimmings and biases

A wide selection of Fasteners

Standard and adhesives fasteners

Select a fastener for yourself ...

Ladies and Gentlemen we offer a wide selection of standard and adhesives fasteners.
We provide the appropriate quality fastener for every application.
Out of the three available fasteners quality levels and price groups, you will be able to find the right product for your individual needs.

VELCRO® brand fasteners

VELCRO® brand fasteners

A wide range of VELCRO® Brand fasteners are available: standard, stick-on, tapes and discs, mushroom fasteners, fastener straps and cable fasteners based on the client’s design.
They are characterized by a large number of applications, available in a wide range of colors. This is the best quality VELCRO® Brand on the market, which is also associated with a higher price tag.
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TEXACRO® brand fasteners

TEXACRO® brand fasteners

TEXACRO® brand is a budget brand of VELCRO® brand fasteners.
They are available in the form of a tape in the standard version and stick-on, in the colors white and black.
Adjustments made in production technology have changed some technical parameters - for example, a lower lifecycle resulting in a more attractive price.
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Fastfix fasteners

FASTFIX® fasteners

The Fastfix® range is a very good product with certificates of quality. It is a budget alternative to other hook and loop fasteners.
It is available in the form of tapes and discs in the standard and stick-on versions in colors according to the color card.
It is characterized by the lowest number of lifecycles and the most attractive price.
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VELCRO® and TEXACRO® are a registered trademark of Velcro BVBA. Used with permission.